Wirtualny Prawnik - aplikacja webrtc

Virtual Lawyer is mobile Ionic 3 app that lets users connect with lawyers (WebRTC audio, video and text chats) and get instant advice on requested topic.

User chooses law category, country which the problem apply to and connection type (video, audio or text). System automatically connects him with first available consultant. During connection users and consultants can send files to each other (from mobile it is also possible to scan document with built-in camera).

Project consists of:

  • Android and iOS application (ionic 3) which provides services to end users (connecting with consultants)
  • web app for law consultants that works in modern browsers and uses camera or microphone connected to PC.
  • web admin panel to manage users, consultants and paid subscriptions. It also displays stats of finished consultations as well as real-time stats of currently connected users
  • Node.js backend with quick MongoDB database

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