Build And See (BAS) is an Ionic 3 app created for investors and general contractors to help communicate during works at construction sites. The system connects team members across all levels as General Contractor, Investor, Designer, Inspector and Subcontractors from multiple companies.

The system gathers all information about current work progress at every project the team works on. Users can make photos, which are shared across their own role. They can also share photos with other users working on the same projects. BAS allows also real-time text communication between two or more users. Finally – every user has the preview of current activities in project.

Build And See consists of:

  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone application (Ionic 3) which provides all functionalities (text chat, making photo, sharing, displaying activities, inviting users etc)
  • Web version of mobile app (Ionic 3) which provides similar functionalities, but adjusted to desktops (like additionally it can download and upload photos from disk)
  • Web based admin panel (Angular 2, Angular Material 2) to manage companies, projects and users
  • Node.js backend with MongoDB database

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